the Skills of the Future & Explore Emerging Technologies


Abu Dhabi School of Government, in collaboration with IBM, aims to enhance the digital skills of youth and professionals of the UAE by introducing them to the emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Blockchain, and building innovative solutions.





  • People with basic digital literacy keen on learning about the new emerging technologies.
  • This journey provides users with a series of short videos, introducing the key emerging technologies and including real project examples of how the technology is being applied.


  • Designed to help accelerate innovation and enable ‘would be’ innovators to bring their ideas to life.
  • This journey allows users to create their own digital solution. It starts with inspiring them by showcasing many examples of innovative digital solutions, followed by an introduction to the design thinking process, a number of practical project-based courses, and more mportantly providing access to the IBM Cloud Lite account where the users can build their own solution.

New Collar

  • For those who want to align their skills to the requirements of the job market and seek better employment opportunities
  • This journey is designed to offer users the ability to gain key digital skills which are in high demand in the workplace. These include Web Application development, Cloud, AI, Blockchain and Data Science development. The courses consist of multimedia content, and many include hands-on exercises enabling users to experience the technology.


You can start your learning journey right away and get unlimited access to all the courses. All you need to do is following the instructions provided in the registration links below to create your free account. By clicking on the registration link, the Abu Dhabi School of Government assumes the registration for learners under the age of 18 is done by the learner’s parent/guardian as consent for participating in the program (refer to the T&Cs).

Registration Links

Non-Minor Learners

Minor Learners (under the age of 18)