24 February 2022

ADSG launches self-paced learning version of Government Employment Charter program

Abu Dhabi School of Government (ADSG) has announced the launch of a self-paced learning version of its Government Employment Charter program. The launch of this version will help facilitate learning for Abu Dhabi government employees, and shed light on the importance of continuous learning and career development in the Emirate.

Upon designing the Government Employment Charter program, the ADSG sought to provide Abu Dhabi government employees with a deeper understanding of the professional code-of-conduct for government sector employees in the Emirate, bolstering their knowledge of the five principles of government work in employees. These include integrity, loyalty, personal and public responsibility, excellence and pioneering, efficiency, and effectiveness.

The program raises awareness among Abu Dhabi government employees about their most important duties and constraints in the workplace. The Government Charter Program targets employees in administrative positions of class two and above, and employees of class three and below.

Through the launch of the self-paced learning version of the Government Employment Charter program, we seek to inform Abu Dhabi government employees about the general principles of professional conduct in the government workplace and the different facets of the Government Employment Charter. This will help ensure that they carry out their tasks successfully and with distinction. The self-learning version of the program will also provide access to high-level educational and training content in an integrated virtual environment.

His Excellency Mohammed Gheyath, Acting Director-General of the ADSG

“The ADSG is committed to improving the learning and development experience of Abu Dhabi government employees, as we are the leading government platform for developing government capabilities in the Emirate. We seek to provide opportunities that will help learners gain the necessary skills and knowledge for improving the government work system, as well as empower Abu Dhabi government employees to contribute towards realizing the Emirate’s vision of building a sustainable knowledge-based economy,” he added.

Since its launch, the Government Employment Charter program has witnessed the participation of more than 10,000 employees from various departments and establishment, providing these employees with the principles, skills, and a code of conduct that enables them to contribute towards realizing Abu Dhabi’s vision.

Participants who complete the stages of the program and its evaluation will receive an accredited certificate from the ADSG.

The Abu Dhabi School of Government, a part of the Department of Government Support, is the leading government platform for developing human resources in the Emirate, developing and providing diverse learning opportunities according to the best international practices that meet the needs of the Emirate and align with its vision and future plans.

The ADSG has successfully launched more than 23 training programs providing Abu Dhabi government employees with the skills and expertise needed to enable them to participate in leading the march of Abu Dhabi’s government in the coming fifty years.


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