28 September 2020

Abu Dhabi School of Government launched new public exchange program to build capabilities of government sector employees

▪ Various projects (at national and international levels) are identified as targets for the initial intake
▪ The program will enable intensive knowledge exchange, skills transfer, and enhance collaboration between Abu Dhabi’s public and private sectors

The Abu Dhabi School of Government (ADSG) is continuing its ongoing investment in human capital with the launch of its latest program to upskill government employees from across the emirate. The new “Abu Dhabi Public Exchange Program” identifies high-potential government employees to join projects with Abu Dhabi government entities as well as leading private sector companies to enable knowledge exchange, skills transfer, and enhance collaboration between the public and private sector.

The program offers Emirati nationals an array of highly professional, multicultural work environments that will provide them with greater exposure to a range of national, regional, and international businesses and projects that are currently operating from Abu Dhabi.

ADSG identified the talents who started the program and is engaging with government and private sector companies on projects to gain greater insight into their specialisms, before they return to their entities and utilise those skills in the development process for Abu Dhabi.

Participants have been selected based on their skills and capabilities, ensuring they will maximize the development opportunities from the program. Successful participants have gone through rigorous assessments stages to be accepted in the program.

There were 11 government entities and some international organizations and consultancies such as Oliver Wayman and PwC, which are well known international consultancies in the region. The program contains building government capabilities in three distinct disciplines which are consultancy expertise, technical and digital expertise and industry specific expertise such as tourism, culture, health and municipalities and transport.

ADSG’s latest program will ensure we are training some of the best UAE Nationals. It will give government employees exposure to different multicultural environments, across a wide array of industries in Abu Dhabi’s economy. ADSG believes it will be an essential part of their ongoing development, providing unrivalled opportunities to learn on the front line of leading and effectively managing governmental projects.
The institution is keen to ensure that more government employees have exposure to international businesses and projects, while getting the chance to work closely with experts and senior-level executives on hands-on assignments.

Dr. Nama Salmeen Al Ameri, Dean of Abu Dhabi School of Government

Oliver Wyman, Senior Partner and Abu Dhabi Office Lead , Anshu Vats, said: “As Abu Dhabi embarks on the next stage of prosperity driven by economic diversification, there is a recognition that the human capital in the government infrastructure needs to be world class. Our partnership with the Abu Dhabi School of Government is a reiteration of our commitment to develop and upskill leadership talent not only in Abu Dhabi but the region as a whole. We are proud to be working with some of the best talent that Abu Dhabi has to offer and look forward to helping build their capacity as future leaders of the Emirate.”

Randa Bahsoun, PwC’s Program Partner and PwC ME New World New Skills Leader said: “This program is strategic for us and for our consulting business as it speaks to our commitment to Abu Dhabi government and national talent development.”

Khaled Ahmed Bin Braik, PwC’s Program Director & said: “We are committed to supporting professional growth and investing in national talent. Through the Abu Dhabi Public Exchange Program, we hope to develop the government leaders of tomorrow.”
The Emirati talent participants will help in supporting the private and public sector to gain the knowledge and skills through the case studies that they will have in both sectors.  


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