21 June 2020

Abu Dhabi School of Government and Sandooq Al Watan agree new partnership to develop exceptional talent across the UAE

  • Courses and online platforms will be opened up to Sandooq Al Watan members
  • Both organizations will work together on talent identification and education programs
  • New, dedicated training programs to be launched for trainees

Abu Dhabi School of Government (ADSG), the leading public sector education provider, has agreed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Sandooq Al Watan, the national social initiative that  empowers the citizens and society of the UAE through the provision of opportunities for growth – unleashing their fullest potential to contribute towards the development of the nation.Amongst a range of initiatives announced today, the two organizations will start working together to identify top talent and ensure they have access to many of the different training programs and courses that ADSG provides. 

Sandooq Al Watan was first launched by a group of Emirati business leaders and aims to embody greater societal cohesion, alongside the directives of the UAE’s leadership that call for achieving sustainable development and a bright future for all the people of the nation. It seeks to embody the country’s national priorities and enhance the prospects of sustainable development through reinforcing social participation, thereby strengthening national unity to create a bright future for the UAE.
Under the agreement, ADSG and Sandooq Al Watan will also co-operate on events, conferences and activities aimed at enhancing human and national understanding of the UAE’s social values. ADSG has further agreed to develop dedicated training programs that will serve the needs of Sandooq Al Watan’s annual trainee intake. 

Sandooq Al Watan has a total of 18 initiatives currently in operation that aim to identify and develop the UAE’s brightest talents across all age groups. They include the UAE Coder Program, which teaches Emirati children aged 7-14 the basics of coding in a fun and interactive way. Until today, the program has upskilled over 3,200 children in the basics of coding and enrolled over 500 in advanced coding programs. 

In other areas, Mawhibatna (“Our Talent”) is a program that seeks to identify the UAE’s most outstanding and gifted local young people, nurturing their talents through a variety of specialized world-class programs that develop their capacities and enable them to reach their full potential. Its courses include robotics, AI and entrepreneurship. The program is looking to identify more than 2,000 gifted students during the next year and is currently nurturing more than 300 gifted students.

His Excellency Ahmed Mahmoud Fikri, Acting Director General of Sandooq Al Watan, said: “Sandooq Al Watan is a national initiative that was launched by prominent Emirati businessmen with the ambitious objective to support research projects for the post-oil era. We have set strategic goals to cooperate with various government and private-sector entities in the UAE to carry out our mission and ensure the UAE’s sustainable development.”

“Our Sandooq Al Watan Strategy focuses on five key areas: Supporting talent, developing a generation of coders, providing career guidance for talented young Emiratis, supporting innovative technology startups, and supporting applied research and innovation,” H.E. Fikri added. “Working with ADSG is a natural step for us to take and we’re looking forward to developing our relationship to benefit the wider community. Their commitment to lifelong learning and delivering the best education courses to government employees makes them an institution we are very eager to work closely with. We have a shared vision for the future, and we will multiply our efforts to ensure that our community of talented individuals from across the UAE have the opportunity to benefit from the great courses offered by ADSG.”

Her Excellency Alia Abdulla Al Mazrouei, Acting Director General of Abu Dhabi School of Government (ADSG), said: “Our partnership with Sandooq Al Watan represents a vital opportunity for our organizations to help develop the educational standards of young people in Abu Dhabi. Having been aware of their programs for some time, we were keen to formalize our relationship so that we can concentrate on expanding our reach and working together to ensure education is enhancing the lives of young people across the emirate. I hope this agreement will be a first step in a long journey of our institutions working together, and that we can use their experience and knowledge to develop enhanced learning programs for larger sections of the community.”

Sandooq Al Watan already works with a range of talented young students and the agreement between the two companies will ensure the best talent in Abu Dhabi has access to ADSG’s world-leading training platforms and facility. 

ADSG recently made its learning platforms available to all nationals and residents across the UAE. Over 4,000 courses were opened up from leading educational institutions including Yale University, Imperial College, IBM and Google. This move falls under the “Abu Dhabi Inspires” initiative, which was launched by His Highness Sheikh Khalid bin Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, member of the Abu Dhabi Executive Council and Chairman of the Abu Dhabi Executive Office. The campaign aims to promote agile thinking in government and in the community, supporting innovation and the development of ideas.



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