Formed in May 2018, Abu Dhabi School of Government (ADSG) is a government entity that is responsible for overseeing and planning the learning and development of all Abu Dhabi Government Employees.

ADSG aims to develop government employees by providing the highest quality of training and development activities according to international best practices. All courses are tailored to the context and needs of Abu Dhabi’s government.

ADSG plays a significant role in achieving Abu Dhabi’s vision to build a sustainable knowledge-based economy, driven by confident and highly qualified civil servants.

ADSG’s main goal is to ensure that all government employees are equipped with the required skills that cater to the unique environment they operate in through providing various learning and development initiatives and training programs. The assigned programs, therefore, are mandatory for all employees across all levels and sectors. The programs are designed to support employees in enhancing their skills and advancing their careers.

Through a combination of in-class training programs and robust e-learning tools, employees will gain more knowledge, become more competitive and better prepared to deal with fast paced and changing market conditions.

Learning Management System(LMS) is a software application for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting and delivery of educational courses and training programs. It provides access to training and technical developmental courses and facilitates communication between ADSG’s learners and ADSG’s employees and instructors. It also provides the learners with course pre-requisites and materials, as well as reports.

LMS log in credentials (user name and temporary password) will be sent to the learner via email or SMS along with the link for the login page/website.

ADSG will be receiving hiring applications on the email: recruitment@adsg.gov.abudhabi

Upon enrolment, all Abu Dhabi government employees will be assigned specific training tracks based on their grade.

Registered learners will have access to courses through ADSG’s Learning Management System (LMS). However, the tests will be conducted in a controlled environment within ADSG testing and assessments labs.

All Abu Dhabi government employees will have access to ADSG and will benefit from its services and training programs, as per established policies and procedures and in coordination with each employee’s respective entity.

Some programs will be held at the premises of ADSG educational partners’, while other programs will be held at ADSG premises for certain groups. All employees will be given online access to material through the LMS.

Employees will be provided with full course details when programs are assigned.

Class size will vary depending on the nature of the course and the number of students.

No, courses similar to the ones provided by ADSG, attended prior to ADSG’s establishment, are not accredited, exceptions might be there. In all cases, employees should take exams in ADSG for all courses.

All employees who have completed programs with ADSG will have their progress noted in their official HR records.

Following the attendance of the selected courses, employees will go through a post assessment test related to the course. All grading schemes are based on particular standards which ensure that employees’ learning is reflected on their career progression and that it is measured adequately.

All courses are fully paid for by Abu Dhabi Government.

ADSG will deliver several learning and development programs on both behavioral and some technical skills. Employees will be assigned to the training programs based on their respective employment grade. The various programs which will be covered fall under:

  • Behavioural and soft skills programs which aim to help employees with their daily tasks, and it includes:
    • General Track training programs: This track offers 6 different training programs for each employee based on his/her grade. These programs are mandatory for all levels except members of the Executive Management or Leadership.
    • Leadership Track training programs: Offering three leadership programs based on the employees’ grade. The Leaders Program is available only for high potential employees in the government who are nominated through their entities and chosen based on specific criteria.
  • Technical skills programs which are designed to equip employees with the knowledge and skills that would help them perform more effectively, and include:
    • Supporting Track training programs: This track offers 4 different training programs that target the fundamental skills needed to ensure efficient operations (IT, Finance, HR and Project Management). These courses are tailored to employees’ seniority and development level.
  • Government Employment Charter program which is fully developed, managed and delivered by ADSG:

A compulsory program for all government employees at all levels providing an essential training on what constitutes ethical and compliant workplace behaviour in the government of Abu Dhabi.

All employees must complete the Government Employment Charter program.

All employees will be assigned to the specific training programs based on their respective grades.

Courses under the General Track are expected to take two days to complete.

Courses under the Supporting Track are expected to take one day to complete.

Courses under the Leadership program vary depending on the type of program offered

ADSG programs are all designed to help employees progress in their careers. The programs rely on each employee to do their absolute best in order to obtain best possible outcome. Enhanced performance will increase chances of accelerated career progression.

Decisions on career advancement will be made in accordance with the established guidelines and formal procedures followed by the employees’ respective entities, and not by ADSG.