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Leadership Executive Education

Program Overview

  • Through a series of lectures and in-class activities and exercises, participants will become familiar with the approach to strategy development and strategic leadership taught at the UAE National Defence College.

Program General Info

Undersecretaries, Director Generals, and Executive Directors in Abu Dhabi government entities

The program journey consist of (5) working days

You can submit your nomination through the registration link.

Learning Objectives


Understand key theories and concepts of international relations, strategy, and strategic leadership.


Understand an approach to the development of national security strategy.

Program Outline

Compare the differences between strategic, operational, and tactical leadership.

Understand concepts of sovereignty and the nature and functions of the modern state as well as the difference between a state and a nation.

Understand how instruments of power are coordinated in pursuit of objectives at the national and organizational level.

Analyse and evaluate the role those strategic leaders play in decision- making during crisis and examine useful tools in decision making at this level.

Define strategy and understand how it differs from policy.

Define the concepts of ways and means and introduce the range of instruments of statecraft, notably the DIME construct.

Define threats, challenges, and opportunities for the UAE.

Determine the difference between National Interests and objectives.

Develop a course of action in response to a national challenge, threat, or opportunity facing the UAE.

Apply concepts and theories to develop a strategy addressing a specific crisis.

Program Calendar

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