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General Programs

Program Overview

During the program, the trainees will develop skills in public speaking and presentation, showcasing, managing discussion, and persuasion to achieve the goals at work and practicing how to prepare and showcase attractive presentations through the necessary steps to acquire impactful public speaking speech skills.
The trainees will also learn how to assign tasks based on strengths and acquire the skills of coaching and mentoring colleagues to develop and motivate them through knowledge exchange.

Program General Info

Abu Dhabi Government Emirati Employees from grades 3 to 7

The program is in class for (2) days.

Through the registration link 

The trainee is expected to attend all training hours during the training days (12 hours in two days).

Please note that the total hours of excused absences or delays in attending sessions should not exceed more than one hour.

At the end of the program, the participant will be able to:

  • Improve colleagues’ satisfaction of presentation and delivery skills.

  • Increase the successful delegation activities.

  • Increase workshops and orientation sessions for colleagues to transfer knowledge and develop skills.

  • Reaching harmony

  • Working with others

  • Involving others

  • Consulting to develop insights

  • Reaching harmony

  • Adaptation to challenges

  • Share experiences to benefit others

Learning Objectives


Practice the steps of planning and showcasing presentations with confidence.


Follow the actions of presenting and providing information in a convincing and impactful style.


Identify colleagues’ strengths and assign tasks accordingly.


Employ powerful coaching techniques to enable the transfer of knowledge and skills.


Implement strong motivational practices to encourage higher levels of performance.


Certificate of completion

The trainee receives a Certificate of Attendance from Abu Dhabi school of Government upon completing the number of mandatory hours of training, which is 12 hours during the two training days.


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