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General Programs

Program Overview

Trainees will learn methods of using feedback, identifying areas of strength and areas of development, and using methods and tools that will help them develop their mental abilities, enabling them to accelerate the process of self-development by practicing easy and simple continuous learning habits.

Program General Info

Emirati Employees from Grades 3, 4 and 5 from Abu Dhabi Government entities.

The program is in class for (2) days.

Through the registration link within the email.

The trainee is expected to attend all training hours during the training days (12 hours in two days).

Please note that the total hours of excused absences or delays in attending sessions should not exceed more than one hour.

At the end of the workshop, the participant will be able to:

  • Distinguish between self- awareness and emotional awareness skills

  • Raise the level of awareness of self and others

  • Increase self-confidence

  • Use diverse resources to promote their self-confidence & personal development

  • Managing self and others

  • Building capabilities

  • Having a growth mindset when developing yourself and others

  • Giving and accepting feedback regularly

Learning Objectives


Identify the Five Levels of Emotional Intelligence (Daniel Goleman’s Model of Emotional Intelligence)


Assess the impact of emotions on relationships in the workplace


Identify areas of self-development as a result of different feedback methods


Utilize the Abu Dhabi School of Government’s Individual Development Plan to harness
continuous career development opportunities


Certificate of completion

The trainee receives a Certificate of Attendance from Abu Dhabi school of Government upon completing the number of mandatory hours of training, which is 12 hours during the two training days.


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