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Leadership Executive Education

Program Overview

  • The Emirates Leadership Initiative Program, a partnership between ADSG and the Harvard Kennedy School, has developed an 'Implementing Policy for Public Value' executive education program.

  • Participants work together on specific policy development and implementation challenges related to their roles. They analyze the challenges, constraints, and desired outcomes, while applying key learnings and takeaways from the program to move forward with concrete ideas.

    The program provides a common language and understanding between different levels of seniority, so that the government entities involved can take their ideas back to their departments and execute their strategies.

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Program General Info

Director Generals & Executive Directors in Abu Dhabi Government

  • DG 1 day
  • ED 3 days

Interested participants can submit their nomination to the Abu Dhabi School of Government ambassador within their entity, or through the registration link

Participants must commit to attending all sessions in order to receive the certificate, and come prepared to read, discuss, debate, and be challenged by the faculty and each other to get the most out of the program. Reading will be shared with the participants by Harvard Kennedy School.

Learning Objectives


Introduce participants to the concept of creating public value and to utilize a framework (strategic triangle) to make connections to the implementation of policy goals/initiatives.


Identify strategies to enhance and strengthen policy outcomes using collective impact principles and frameworks.


Utilize a planning and strategy development tool/framework to systematically analyze and reflect on an important policy development/implementation challenge and to identify action steps for making progress on that challenge.


Provide participants with a framework for continuous improvement in their business processes.


Identify policy development and implementation strategies that support and foster innovation and reflect on ways to increase governments’ ability to address new/emerging challenges in creative and novel ways.

Program Outline

  • Grasp a deeper understanding of the concept of public value in a policy design/implementation context
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the strategic triangle tool which can be applied to policy design and Implementation

Program Calendar 2022

  • Director General
  • Representing multiple event on same day

Strategic management in the public sector

A focus on creating 'public value propositions' that command legitimacy and support from a variety of stakeholders to enhance policy effectiveness.

Stakeholder identification and engagement

A deeper understanding of planning and strategy development through the use of logic models and stakeholder mapping tools.

Policy implementation and supporting operations

This stream focuses on policy implementation strategies that seek to achieve high performance and impact through innovative approaches and strategies.

Collective impact

Focuses on the challenges and opportunities leaders and organizations face as they seek to pursue large-scale collaboration and collective impact strategies alongside initiatives to enhance policy outcomes.

Decision-making and behavioral insights

The module introduces participants to the common pitfalls of group decision-making and leading them to examine how these tendencies affect their own behavior.


Certificate of completion

The Certificate of Completion for this course is awarded in association with Harvard Business School, honoring the efforts of those who successfully completed their learning journeys with the program.


Harvard Business School

Recognized as a leader at the cutting-edge of some of the world’s most pressing sustainability concerns and as a gateway for business in the Middle East, the UAE is helping to set the standard for new developments in the areas of energy, infrastructure development, and education.

At a time when the world is more connected than ever and engagement is increasingly crucial, the Emirates Leadership Initiative (ELI) Graduate Fellowship provides the critical framework for preparing the Arab world’s next generation of leaders. The Emirates Leadership Initiative Fellowship not only allows Harvard to bring some of the most talented and ambitious future leaders from the Middle East to the U.S. to study, but it also enables students from the U.S. and other parts of the world to deepen their own understanding of the region and to learn from some of its leaders first-hand. The Fellowship is part of the Emirates Leadership Initiative, a research and curricular collaboration between the Center for Public Leadership (CPL) and the Middle East Initiative (MEI) at HKS, and the government of the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

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Program Facilitators

James P. Honan

James P. Honan is Senior Lecturer at the Graduate School of Education.

Honan’s teaching and research interests include financial management of nonprofit organizations, organizational performance measurement and management, and higher-education administration.

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John Haigh

John Haigh is Co-Director of the Mossavar-Rahmani Center for Business and Government and Lecturer in Public Policy at the Harvard Kennedy School.

He teaches a seminar on business and government interactions to second year Master in Public Policy students (BGP-150Y); a seminar on business and public policy for students in the second year of the Kennedy School and Harvard Business School.

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Tarek Masoud

Tarek Masoud is a Professor of Public Policy and the Sultan of Oman Professor of International Relations at Harvard University’s John F.

Kennedy School of Government, where he is also Faculty Chair of the Middle East Initiative. His research focuses on political development in Arabic speaking and Muslim-majority countries.

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Julia Minson

Julia Minson is an Associate Professor of Public Policy at the Harvard Kennedy School of government.

She is a social psychologist with research interests in conflict, negotiations and judgment and decision making. Her primary line of research addresses the “psychology of disagreement” – How do people engage with opinions, judgments and decisions that are different from their own.

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