Digital Learning
for All

Following the success of the Digital learning Challenge, ADSG announced Digital Learning for All, an initiative which provides complimentary virtual learning opportunities for all UAE residents.
Launched as part of the “Abu Dhabi Inspires” campaign, Digital Learning for All is ADSG’s contribution towards the local community to help adapt to the new reality of physical distancing, by providing invaluable learning opportunities not only to Abu Dhabi’s government employees but to the entire nation.
To kick-start this initiative, ADSG announced that its online digital learning platform would be made accessible to all residents of the UAE on May 4th, 2020.
On June 16th, 2020, ADSG announced the launch of the Professional Certification Program (PCP), an additional component of Digital Learning for All. The PCP provides UAE residents with the opportunity to acquire internationally accredited professional certifications in the fields of project management, audit, finance, and accounting.


Abu Dhabi Inspires

Digital Learning for All is part of the “Abu Dhabi Inspires” campaign. This program had been designed to empower learners to acquire new skills through its investment in tech-based innovation.

Abu Dhabi Inspires was launched by His Highness Sheikh Khalid bin Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, a member of the Abu Dhabi Executive Council and Chairman of Abu Dhabi Executive Office, looking to capture emerging opportunities and tap into new trends, driving forward innovative responses to the current realities.

The program has three pillars including Virtual Experiences, Community Solidarity and Constant Innovation. It aims to promotes agile thinking in government and in the community, supporting bright minds to invent, develop and launch ideas with a positive impact, now and in the future. 


ADSG online learning platform

ADSG is providing complimentary access to over 4,000 courses from over 190 of world’s top universities and learning institutions as part of the roll out of the Digital Learning for All campaign. 

Over 300 courses were made available in Arabic, tailored to the context and needs of the UAE. 

Learners are able to earn international certificates and degrees in a variety of fields such as business, health, technology, data science, artificial intelligence, arts and humanities. 

Programs on ADSG’s e-learning platform are offered by world-class institutions such as Yale University, Duke University, Imperial College London, Google, and IBM. 

Start your
learning journey

You can start your learning journey right away and get unlimited access to all the courses. All you need to do is following the instructions provided in the registration links below to create your free account. By clicking on the registration link, the Abu Dhabi School of Government assumes the registration for learners under the age of 18 is done by the learner's parent/guardian as consent for participating in the program. Refer to Terms & Conditions.

  • Registrations start from
    May 4th, 2020

  • For further questions about the program, please
    reach out to us Innovate@adsg.gov.abudhabi

Please visit the registration site at


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