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Abu Dhabi Next Generation

31 Jan, 2022 - 30 Apr, 2022
This initiative was launched with the aim of building the most in-demand skills for the next generation of leaders in Abu Dhabi. Abu Dhabi Next Generation includes: 

- Coursera Data Science Academy: Launched for Abu Dhabi youth with a focus on building the next generation of data scientists. The Data Science Academy includes courses by world-class institutions such as IBM and University of Colorado Boulder (CU Boulder). 
The program contains several learning paths, which aim to develop the skills of youth in data science, data analysis, and artificial intelligence. The program will also teach learners how to apply basic data skills in jobs across various sectors.  

- Nanodegree Program: Launched in partnership with Udacity, learners can obtain nanodegrees in business analytics and digital marketing. 

- Virtual Training Summer Camp: Launched in partnership with IBM, the virtual training summer camp empowers youth with access to IBM's Digital Nation Platform to explore emerging technologies, build digital solutions, and develop the next generation of digital leaders. View Detail & Description

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